Asset Management


Asset Management means many things to many different utility owners.  The most common thought is the excessive cost.  Engineering fees, GIS technicians, multiple crews, and extensive paperwork are all components of typical Asset Management data collection systems.  Through the use of simple modern day technologies, Florida Flow Control can offer the municipal owner a simplified and cost effective method to locate, map, identify, and repair their troubled assets.  Valve exercising, hydrant exercising, sewer manhole inspections, sewer pipe inspections, lift station inspections, and simple data mapping and analyzation can yield very quick results and offers the Owner the ability to act quickly and cost effectively to tackle problems before they occur.  KISS – Keep It Simple Sir.  FFC – Florida Flow Control.  To learn more about our methodology of asset management available for the public sector, please contact us to speak with our knowledgeable staff.


Valve Exercise Programs

Valve exercise

Valve Exercising and Mapping is a daunting task to many municipal owners.  Generating the proper resources to effectively exercise and map your valve system is an expensive allocation of funds – Equipment, technology, and manpower.  Florida Flow Control has the manpower, equipment, and technology to properly locate, clean, exercise, and map your valve system and integrate this information into your existing GIS system.  The process of exercising your valves will uncover many of the distribution system problem areas and will give utility personnel a great tool to generate plans and work orders to help get their systems back to full functioning capacity.  Call Florida Flow Control today to utilize the best resources on the market.  This service is available to the public sector.


Florida Statute 62-555.350
¥ Suppliers of water shall keep all necessary public water system components in operation and shall maintain such components in good operating condition so the components function as intended.  (FS 62-555.35(2))

¥ Preventative maintenance on exercising isolation valves shall be performed in accordance with the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations or in accordance with a written preventative maintenance program established by the supplier of water.  (FS 62-555.35(2))

¥ Dead End water mains conveying finished drinking water shall be flushed quarterly or in accordance with a written flushing program established by the supplier of water. (FS 62-555.35(2))

¥ All suppliers of water shall keep records documenting that their isolation valves are being exercised and their water mains are being flushed in accordance with these statutes.  (FS 62-555.35(12c))

¥ Suppliers of water who own or operate a community water system serving 150 or more service connections are required to maintain an up-to-date map (atlas) of their drinking water distribution system.  The map shall show the location and size of the mains, the location of the valves, and the location of fire hydrants.  (FS 62-555.35(14)Valve ID and mapping

Hydrant Exercise Programs

Fire Hydrant flushing and exercising is an often overlooked component of a distribution systems maintenance program.  Often times an un-exercised and un-flushed fire hydrant can lead to many problems in the distribution mains; including public safety concerns, improper flow rates, stagnant water, and pedestrian/vehicular hazards. 

Florida Flow Control can cost effectively exercise, flush, repair, and paint your distribution system’s fire hydrants to bring them back to life and to add back value to your municipal assets.  Insurance companies, risk management firms, and bonding companies all base rates and premiums on the health and accuracy of your infrastructure assets.  Let Florida Flow Control maintain these assets and provide maintenance records, work orders for your crews, and revive the health of your fire safety system.  Available to the public sector.

Key Services:

  • Hydrant mapping- GPS Location
  • Hydrant flushing
  • Hydrant exercising
  • Hydrant flow testing
  • Hydrant restoration - painting, internal components, RPM installation

For more info see: House Bill 629

Manhole, Piping and Lift Station Inspections

As the sanitary sewer system infrastructure continues to age, annual inspections of your sanitary sewer distribution system become more important to the health of your utility and to the health of the public.  Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO’s) occur everyday in the United States and account for billions of gallons of wastewater being discharged onto the streets and waterways of our neighborhoods.  Florida Flow Control has many years of underground construction experience and is experienced in identifying problems with manholes, piping, and lift station systems.  We utilize a special camera called a “Zoom” camera, which can be placed quickly into a manhole, and can video the piping between manhole runs very quickly without ever having to run a camera through the entire pipe.  This methodology allows for a cost effective, safe, and efficient manner in which to inspect and report on current system health conditions and probability of an SSO event; before it happens.  These services are available to both the public and private sectors.


Key Services:

  • Sewer manhole inspections
  • Lift Station inspections
  • Gravity piping inspection via "Zoom" camera
  • Cost effective, Safe, Efficient
  • Recognize potential problems before they become an emergency
Line Stopping

Florida Flow Control utilizes revolutionary line stopping systems that eliminate the need for costly distribution system shut-downs.  Florida Flow Control can stop the flow in a designated repair area and replace components in half the time required for conventional repair methods.  Line stopping services can be performed on pipe 3” to 66” in diameter on various pipe materials.  Available to both the public and private sector: emergency work, scheduled work, and everything in between – let Florida Flow Control be your source for line stopping.

Key Services:

  • Isolate pipe sections with minimal disruption
  • Bypass setup and maintenance
  • Stop flow of service in DIP, CIP, AC, PVC, PCCP
  • 24/7 emergency service
Turn-Key Service

Florida Flow Control Inc. offers the customer full “Turn-Key Service.”  As a licensed General Contractor, we have the ability to file for permits, prepare Maintenance of Traffic plans and setup, perform excavations, perform dewatering, perform shoring, perform repairs, and perform restoration activity.  We let the customer decide if they prefer to let Florida Flow Control Inc. handle all of their project needs, or just one part.  This expertise is available to both the public and private sectors.

Key Services:

  • Permit procurement
  • Maintenance of traffic
  • Excavation
  • Dewatering
  • Repairs- large or small
  • Restoration


Valve Insertion

Florida Flow Control is the industry leader in valve insertion technology and installations.  Valve insertion is the process by which an AWWA Insertion Valve is installed on a live main under pressure.  There are no costly main shutdowns, no boil water notices, and one excavation.  Florida Flow Control is certified to install the AVT EZ Valve, Team Industrial Services InsertValve, and the Hydra-Stop Insta-Valve Plus. 

We stock various valve sizes in our warehouse so we are ready to mobilize to meet your schedule.  Let an experienced valve insertion company perform your valve insertion work.  Valve Insertion is the future of the industry, let Florida Flow Control take you there.  We provide this service to both the public and private sector.

Water / Sewer Flow Monitoring

Flow monitoring in water and sewer systems is a critical component of determining flow characteristics, engineering new projects, and benchmarking flow rates for different time periods.  Florida Flow Control is a partner with Avanti Company and utilizes Hach equipment and McCrometer equipment to measure flow characteristic for a given application.  Whether the goal is to measure flow in your sanitary sewer system after heavy storm events or to measure the flow in a domestic water main to ensure proper distribution volume, Florida Flow Control can provide the solutions to the flow monitoring challenges.  Our versatility is available in both the public and private sector.


Key Services:

  • Monitor Water / Sewer Flow Rates
  • Monitor before, during, and after storm events
  • Maximize Pipeline performance & distribution
  • Recognize potential problems before they become an emergency
Water / Sewer Testing Services

Florida Flow Control, Inc. offers a full range of water and sewer testing services.  Hydro-static pressure testing, disinfection and bacteriological sampling, sewer and drainage lamping, sewer and drainage closed circuit TV inspection, sewer exfiltration/infiltration testing, and many other testing services are provided to service your testing needs.  We have partnerships with other companies to provide a simple, one-stop shop for all of your testing needs.  Let us coordinate your testing requirements and produce passing results in either the public or private sector.

Key Services:

  • Hydro-Static pressure testing- force mains & watermains
  • Cannon flushing
  • Digging watermains & forcemains
  • TV inspections
  • Zoom camera- quick inspection
  • Sewer infilitration / exfilitration testing
  • Sewer and drainage lamping
  • Fire hydrant flow testing
Lift Station Rehabilitation

With the ever-aging infrastructure system in Florida, it is crucial to be able to rely on a properly operating and full functioning sanitary distribution system.  A critical component of the sewer system are lift stations which lift sewage from gravity mains and pump it (via force mains) to higher elevation gravity mains or to other force mains transmitting to treatment plants.  Should a lift station fail, the risk of sewage backing up onto the streets (Sanitary Sewer Overflows – SSO) becomes an immediate reality.  Florida Flow Control, Inc. can rehabilitate lift station piping, pumps, and structural integrity to bring this aging asset back to full operation.  Available to both the public and private sector.

Key Services:

  • Lift station assessment and inspection of critical components
  • Replacement of critical components- piping, pumps, bases, hatches
  • Value vault piping and valve replacement
  • Repair and rehab to structure and coatings
  • Isolation valve installation
Conventional Valve Cut-In

Florida Flow Control, Inc. has the manpower and equipment to perform the simplest service line installation to large diameter butterfly valves.  We are experienced in the processes involved with valve cut-ins and can rest assure the customer, public or private, that the valve will be installed correctly and efficiently.

Wet Tapping

Florida Flow Control utilizes modern day wet tapping techniques to provide the Customer with safe and successful wet taps on mains ranging in size from ¾” to 66”.  Whether the customer is installing a new branch main connection, fire hydrant line, or simple water service, Florida Flow Control can provide the solution for the wet tapping needs.  Public and private sectors feel free to contact us today to schedule your next wet tap!

Key Services:

  • Service line connection
  • New main line connection
  • Fire hydrant mains
  • By-pass connections
  • On-time, done right
24-Hour Emergency Service

Florida Flow Control, Inc. is focused on customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations.  For this reason, if the customer has an emergency at 2am, they can be assured that Florida Flow Control Inc. is available to help meet their emergency needs and solve their immediate problems.  Simply call the Emergency Phone Line at 561-441-3324 and we will respond in prompt order.  Available to both the public and private sector.